Bruce’s Name Books

100,000+ Baby Names

This complete baby-naming resource includes more names and more helpful features than any other book on the market. It presents over 100,000 popular and unique baby names along with origins and meanings, popular rankings, and icons denoting names shared by both genders. It’s also packed with useful features like 600+ themed name lists and the latest naming trends.
862,000 copies in print
ISBN: 978-0-684-03999-2
576 pages; 6″ x 9″
Softcover; $12.95

60,000+ Baby Names

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This book has over 60,000 names and 200 fun, helpful lists of names to consider. It also has the latest rankings for the top 100 boys’ and girls’ names, the latest popularity trends, and icons denoting names shared by both genders. This book provides over 5,000 each of Hispanic, African American, English, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, French, Irish, and German names, plus thousands of other names from around the world.
1,594,500 copies in print
ISBN: 978-0-684-04702-7
688 pages; 43⁄16″ x 7″
Softcover; $6.95

25,000+ Baby Names

25000 Baby Names

Complete with origins, meanings, variations, famous namesakes, and freshly updated lists of the 100 most popular girls’ and boys’ names, 25,000+ Baby Names is the handiest, most complete guide in its price category.
1,882,000 copies in print
ISBN: 978-0-684-03450-8
384 pages; 43⁄16″ x 7″
Softcover; $4.95

The Very Best Baby Name Book


This popular book has 60,000+ names and 300+ helpful lists of names to consider, making it a leading choice of parents-to-be. It also makes a great gift book, as it includes features such as how to throw a baby-name themed shower, outrageous names celebrities have given their babies, fascinating facts about names, and Bruce Lansky’s answers to frequently asked baby-naming questions.
1,513,000 copies in print
ISBN: 978-0-684-04703-4
540 pages; 71⁄4″ x 7″
Softcover; $8.95

The Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World

Best BNB in the World

America’s #1-selling baby name book contains over 13,000 up-to-date baby names, complete with origins and meanings.
4,149,500 copies in print
ISBN: 978-0-671-54463-8
152 pages; 71⁄4″ x 7″
Softcover; $5.00

5-Star Baby Name Advisor

5-Star Baby Name Advisor

Consumers use star ratings to pick movies, hotels, and mutual funds. Now Bruce Lansky rates nearly 2,000 names to help parents pick one that will give their baby a head start in life. Lansky’s 5-Star Baby Name Advisor provides more helpful information and advice about each name than any other book. It includes the first impression a name makes, popularity and trend, gender usage, plus common variations and nicknames. With so much helpful information and advice, it’s definitely the smart new way to name your baby.
ISBN: 978-0-684-05784-2
366 pages; 71⁄4″ x 7″
Softcover; $9.95

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