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You may use the contact form below to contact Bruce for media interviews on the subject of baby names, or to learn about his availability to participate in children’s poetry events at schools or conferences.

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  1. I was listening tot he pod cast of your interview on CBC Maritime Noon andwished I had been able to listen to it live to call in. You spoke with a lady named Kelley and talked about the increased use of alternative spelling and how it can sometimes lead to mix ups because people assume they know the correct spelling. I have encounter the opistie problem almost everyday. My name is Tara with is a fairly straight forward name that is easy to spell; however, my father is Irish and in Ireland the name is pronounced Tar-a but in Canada it is commonly pronounced Terr-a. I have spent my whole life correcting people about the pronounciation of my name and despite that I would not change it as I feel it reflects and ties me to my Irish heritage.

    • Dear Tara, Thanks for submitting an interesting comment about your name. I tend to write about how to find names that will be a pleasure to live with and that will be a positive factor in a child’s life. I often focus on practical issues that can make living with a name annoying, frustrating or burdensome. I think you sum that problem up well. You like Tara because it reflects your Irish heritage (and don’t forget the GWTW connection too). Because Tara is pronounced TERR-ah in Canada, you “have spent [your] whole life correcting people about the pronunciation of your name.” That’s what I’d call “annoying, frustrating, or burdensome.” That’s why I advise parents to pick names that are easy to spell and pronounce properly. Correcting people is a needless annoyance. If you think about all the great Irish names there are for girls, there’s no need to pick names that are likely to be mispronounced like Tara in Canada or Siobhan in Canada or the U.S.

      I wrote a post about Irish names that most people have no idea how to pronounce. I think you can find it by searching for “Irish Names” or “No Peeking.” You are not alone. Enjoy.

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