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Bruce Lansky shares some of the most helpful and entertaining articles he has written about baby-naming, unusual names in the news, celebrity baby names, naming trends, and baby-name research. He also offers candid advice about baby-naming in a helpful Q&A column called “Dear Bruce.” (If you’d like to submit a question, please leave a comment.)  Follow Bruce on WordPress if you’d like to receive his latest blog posts or drop in and browse whenever you like. Please register to comment on the blog posts.

4 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. I am 37 weeks pregnant with about on the way. We do not have any boy names picked out. We have a son name gabe and we know that we want the middle name to be Craig after my father. Do you have any suggestions that will go with Craig for a first name? Thanks

  2. What do you do when you like a name and ask the person who has it and they say no they don’t like it. It is such a letdown, especially if they are a family member. Also, do you like your name? I like the name Bruce but my cousin doesn’t like his name at all; he goes by Bo. And I love the name Mary. I think the boring classic names are so cool right now.

    • Laura, thanks for your interesting questions and comments. I’ll take the issues one by one:
      -If you like a name, it’s a great idea to ask people who have that name what they think about it. Of course, individual experiences with names vary, but if you ask 3, 5 or more people named Bruce what they think about the name, you should get a good feel for what it’s like to live with that name.
      -I have had a positive experience with Bruce over the years. If you read my post about picking a name with the potential to inspire a child, I like having Robert the Bruce as a positive role model.
      -I’d suggest having a deeper conversation with your cousin. Find out why he switched to Bo. And I’d suggest seeking out other people named Bruce so you can ask them about their experience with the name.

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