Unexpected Places to Find Baby Names

Unexpected Places to Find Baby Names.

Robin Elise Weiss has come up with a useful and charming list of unexpected ways to discover new ideas for baby names. Here is one of her ideas that took me by surprise:

Obituaries & Cemeteries This is a great source of names that are older, lesser known and seldom used. Certainly you’ll find your Johns and Marys, but you’ll also find Imogene, Clara, Henry, and Caleb. Think of this as looking into someone else’s family tree. If you are lucky enough to have a really old cemetery in your neck of the words, try to look for really old headstones with names that you like.

Here’s why I like the idea: Imagine your mother suggests you name your baby after great grandpa Caleb. Your immediate impulse is to say, “No way!” But if you’re strolling through a cemetery and see a tombstone for someone else’ great grandpa Caleb you can wonder, without any pressure, if the name is hopelessly antique or if it might have some charm that’s worth considering. Cemeteries and obit columns can give you exposure to names from prior generations that might be so old, they seem new again. Like the name Henry.

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