Hunter Mahon Walked Away from $1 Million to Attend the Birth of His Daughter

I was watching the RBC Canadian Open (golf tournament) on Saturday afternoon when a dramatic and touching moment occurred. Hunter Mahan was 13-under par, on top of the leaderboard by 5 strokes. Suddenly he got a call from his wife who was going into labor. I imagine she asked him if he could join her in hospital for the big moment, if at all possible.

Mahon walked away from a big lead in a prestigious tournament (with a $1 million dollar check for the winner) and flew back to the hospital in time to join his wife for the birth of their baby girl, Zoe Olivia (very early on Sunday morning)–what is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The birth was announced on Sunday when the tournament resumed. Mahon received high praise for flying home to be with his wife a sentiment shared by the viewing audience and the golfers whose chances of winning had suddenly improved.

More good news: The Mahons picked a cute name that should wear well for their daughter. Zoe is a lovely Greek name that means “life.” It’s ranked in the top-35, but it’s not so popular that Zoe’s friends will share the same name. Olivia is an extremely popular name, but it’s also an elegant name that goes well with Zoe and Mahon for use on formal occasions.

It was a pleasure to watch Hunter do the right thing by pulling out of the tournament on Saturday and to learn, on Sunday, that everything had turned out so well for him and his family.

Even though Brant Snedeker won the prize money, Hunter and Kandi Mahon came out ahead–sharing an experience that money can’t buy. But I’d very be surprised if they don’t receive an extremely generous baby-shower gift from the Snedekers.

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