Dear Bruce: What do you think of selecting a unique name for a child?

Dear Bruce,

You were quoted on Good Morning America as saying, “Many parents believe that if they pick a unique name, their child will turn out to be a unique and special person.” What do you think of selecting a unique name for a child?


Bruce: Common sense plays a key role when parents consider selecting unique names for their children. Attractive, unique names like Sienna or Vail are both memorable and likely to project positive images. On the other hand, unique names like 4 Real or ESPN are likely to come across as ludicrous and detrimental to any children given those names. In addition to silly and/or negative images they project, these examples also expose other problems: spelling, pronunciation, and gender association confusion.

There are over a hundred thousand names in my book, 100,000+ Baby Names, and there’s no limit to the number of names that parents can come up with while looking at a world atlas or encyclopedia. But the key to finding a unique name that’s going to be a plus for the child is the good taste and judgment of the parents as well as the friends and family with whom they consult.

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