Jessica Simpson Plans to Name Her Expected Baby Ace

I’ve never reviewed a name that has been leaked (or tweeted) to the celebrity weeklies before the baby was born. But Ace is such an intriguing name, I thought it might be fun to weigh in.

Ace has a Latin origin; it means “unity.” In poker, the ace is unique in that it can be either the lowest card (a one) or the highest card (even higher than a king).

I wasn’t surprised to discover that Ace makes a positive impression, but I was somewhat surprised to find that Ace comes across as a nice guy. Obviously Ace causes no spelling or pronunciation problems, and it’s usually used for boys, so no gender confusion either. However, Ace isn’t particularly versatile. There’s no “formal” version of the name and no “informal or familiar” version either.

The best-known “famous namesake” is Ace Ventura, pet detective (a humorous character played by Jim Carrey), so my guess is the name has a humorous vibe. I also connect the name with “Top Gun” pilots and poker players. The name has a slightly retro vibe to it, too. I can picture Humphrey Bogart calling a cabbie who knows his way around San Francisco “Ace.”

When it comes to naming Ace’s future siblings, the poker-deck theme would be lots of fun (for pundits)—because Ace would be the first in a card-deck family including Deuce, Trey, Jack, Queen and King.

If pushed to pronounce a verdict, I’d say, pretty good: One thumb up.

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